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We offer car title loans in Vallejo for people left out in the cold by banks and other financial institutions. Times can get difficult, the bills can mount up, and all of a sudden something unexpected tips you into desperation. The moral is – don’t despair but do call us on (707) 310-8379.

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Address: 808 Tennessee St, Vallejo, CA 94590
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri: 9AM – 7PM; Sat: 10AM – 4PM; Sun: Closed
Type of Service: Branch
*Open since June 7th 2017
Branch License Number: Pending

A car title loan does what it says on the tin – it uses the value of the car as collateral on the loan you are seeking. Loans are available from $2,600 and all applicants are welcome! You will find yourself dealing with a company created to serve people needing cash in a hurry.

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The process whereby you get your cash is as fast as you can imagine – and more so! It all starts when you call our number (707) 310-8379 or fill in our online form. Our friendly team will ask you about your car, including details of make and model. If you’ll meet our minimal requirements you’ll be pre-approved for a loan. After that you drive down to our office with your title documents, finalize the process and drive away with your check in your car – because with a car title loan in Vallejo you keep your car during the period of the loan.

During the loan, we will become the temporary lien holder of the car title until all loan repayments are completed. The loan may be repaid using any income type, including social security, pension funds, self-employment income, and more.

Car Title Loans in Vallejo – The Smart Choice for Your Needs!

Why do so many people regard car title loans in vallejo as the best option for a short-term cash injection? We are friendly and helpful – we do our best to give you a quick answer followed by quick cash. Bad Credit? No Credit? Anyone can apply, as long as they own the car that serves as collateral.

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